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Where it all began

About me

Once upon a time this all started when I moved my apartment to my very first house. The excitement of being able to fill up every single room with new purchases soon was squashed by two things. Money being the biggest factor and then secondarily realizing how hard it was to find specific pieces of furniture that I needed AND loved. I couldn’t bear the thought of spending thousands on matching bedroom sets and I was totally over clipping out Pottery Barn and Anthropologie pictures for my “one day when I have money” album. I wanted vintage and amazing and I wanted it NOW. So… I jotted down what I needed (who am I kidding… I jotted down what I wanted) and began my search. I already loved going to thrift stores, resale shops, estate sales, and trade shows but now I had a list of things to start looking for. My first project ever started because I wanted something to house shoes, have a place to sit, and hang coats. I couldn’t afford a really nice entry way storage unit with cubbies for shoes and hangers built in so I lucked out and found 3 crates with lids and cushions on top for seating. They were perfect! Except that they were weathered with faded wood and needed reupholstering. So I purchased all 3 and set off into the day on a mission. I ordered 3 different fabrics online to cover the cushions in and honed in on some advice from my mom about sanding and painting. I learned a million lessons on this first project, like I will never paint something slatted again, paint doesn’t dry as fast as you want it too and doesn’t dry at all in direct sunlight, and felt pads are your best friend. After 2 primer coats and 4 top coats of a rich brown I had never been so OVER a project that I was so proud of. After adding the newly recovered cushions and a hanging mirror with coat hooks, I felt accomplished and had created a space for under $100 that could have easily cost well above $500. And so my addiction began.

I am a small town girl with a soul for creating, a heart for dancing, and a mind for fashion. I love to make beautiful things that will surround me with the goal in mind to always see and feel beauty. I have never believed in having traditional or matchy matchy anything thanks to my parents who hung plates on the kitchen wall and a chalkboard in our entry way where a coat rack and a family portrait should be. My philosophy has been to create, buy, live, and find the things I love. I have always bought clothing by following one rule: I have to LOVE it. I don’t care if it’s preppy, old, 80’s, school girl, vintage, bohemian, or nautical; I just buy it because I can’t live without it. The same goes with my inspiration for furniture. I paint using the colors that speak to me. I do not paint a piece until it has told me what color it wants to be. I have tried to pick just any color I liked and use it but I am never happy with it. I enjoy finishing custom pieces to make people happy with what they have, but my true enjoyment comes from purchasing a piece that catches my eye and painting it a truly inspired color. Discovery keeps me looking into the future. I have tiny moments of thrilling happiness when I try a new glaze, wax, distressing technique, or painting technique.